The Laurier Golden Hawks Curling High Performance Centre, located at the K-W Granite Club in Waterloo, Ontario, offers access to certified, high-performance coaching expertise and a variety of curling-specific instructional programs. The Centre’s partners include the K-W Granite Club, which provides facilities and resident ice time for the Centre’s activities, and the Wilfrid Laurier University Department of Athletics, which provides financial support for Varsity and Junior Varsity curling teams at Laurier.

  • Curling at WLU

    The Wilfrid Laurier University Department of Athletics offers one of the most successful university curling programs in Canada.

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  • Instruction

    The Golden Hawks HPC can assist with delivery and brushing mechanics, ice reading, and split timing of stones.

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  • Video analysis

    Video analysis is one of the tools used by coaches at the High Performance Centre to assist rinks in their pursuit of excellence.

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  • Team dynamics

    Coaches at the Laurier Curling HPC can assist with team dynamics, stress management, and a range of other topcs.

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Curling is a simple game, really. Sixteen stones are delivered each end by four players on each rink, and the stones closest to the “pin” in the middle of the rings scores the points; at the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.